Honeyberry - Lonicera kamchatika 'Polar Jewel'Honeyberry - Lonicera kamchatika 'Polar Jewel'

Common Name: Polar Jewel Honeyberry

Bloomtime: Summer

Bloomcolor: White

Exposure: Full Sun

Height: 5-10' ( 1.5-3m)

Spread: 5-10' (1.5-3m)

Zone: 3

Characteristics: Sweet, deep blue berries are produced on this sturdy, compact, deciduous shrub. , It is extremely cold tolerant as a plant but needs cross pollination to produce fruit., Likened in flavour to blueberries, the fruit may be eaten fresh or used in recipes, jams and jellies., It is very healthy and Polar Jewel is known as a great pollinator for varieties like Tundra and Borealis honeyberries.