Alchemilla mollisAlchemilla mollis

Common Name: Lady's Mantle

Bloomtime: Late spring and early summer

Exposure: Full sun, part shade, light shade

Height: 30.0-45.0 cm (12-18") inch

Spread: 45.0-80.0 cm (18-30") inch

Water: Moist, well drained

Hardiness: Zones 3-8

Zone: 2

Deer Resistant: Rarely damaged

Attracts Butterflies: attracts butterflies

Drought Tolerant: Low tolerance

Characteristics: Clump-forming perennial with soft scallop-edged round leaves, Tiny hairs on the light green leaves causes moisture to collect in beads, Deadhead to prevent excess self-seeding and keep plants tidy, Tiny flowers borne in large clusters