Pieris Passion Party™ 'Passion'Pieris Passion Party™ 'Passion'

Common Name: Passion Party Passion Pieris

Patent: PP19319

Bloomtime: Early to mid spring

Bloomcolor: dark pink

Exposure: light of part shade to full sun, tolerates full shade

Height: 2.0-3.0 m (6.5-10')

Spread: 1.2 m (4')

Water: Moist, acidic, humus rich, well drained soil

Hardiness: zones 6-9

Fragrant: Flowers

Zone: 5

Deer Resistant: Rarely damaged by deer

Attracts Butterflies: Attracts pollinators

Drought Tolerant: Moderately drought tolerant, once established

Characteristics: Large, mounding, upright, broadleaf, evergreen shrub, Prolific clusters of pendant, dark pink, fragrant flower in early to mid spring., Glossy, dark green foliage, Tolerates pruning well and can be trimmed for size and shape.