Fruit: Large, light blue, firm fruit

Bush: Vigorous and productive, 5'-6'tall

Hardiness Zone: 4 - 8

Sweetheart is a new release from USDA. This is the only variety which produces two crops each year. It has superior flavor, very good firmness and good productivity. The fruit size is medium large. According to USDA, although the complete range of adaptation of Sweetheart has not been established, its background suggests that it may have adaptation in both Northern and Southern areas. Observations indicate that Sweetheart will re-flower and re-fruit to a small degree in the fall.

Pink Lemonade: Mid to late season

Fruit: Bright pink glossy fruit, medium size

Bush: Upright and vigorous. 5 - 6 feet high

Hardiness Zone: 6 - 8

This variety is so prettyso unique! This new pink blueberry provides yearround beauty and interest. Pinkish-white, bell-shaped blooms appear in spring. Summer brings pale green fruit that quickly turns deep pink for harvest. Autumn leaves are bright orange and red. Fruit is deliciously sweet and mild; nice firm texture. They prefer full sun. This pink fruited cultivar is liked very much by speciality markets for the novelty, firmness and fine fruit flavor.

Bonus: July 30th - September 5 (Mid to late season)

Fruit: Very large, medium blue, very firm fruit

Bush: Vigorous and good productive, 5'-6' high

Hardiness Zone: 4 -7

Bonus produces very large, high quality fruit for fresh market. The flavor is very good and sweet. It is a mid to late season variety with very good hardiness and very good productivity. It is an ideal variety for fresh market and U-Pick, as the berries are big, attractive and delicious. It shows good resistance too many fungal diseases.