DUKE : Early season; July 3 July 25

Fruit: :Large, medium blue, open cluster, small scar, firm, mild crisp flavor, very productive.

Bush: Very strong, upright, vigorous, 4-5 ft.

Hardiness Zone: 5-7 (North 5B, South 7A)

Duke is the most popular variety at this time because of its very heavy production and the best quality even sized fruit. It has mild and crisp flavor which improves with cold storage. This is one of the most productive varieties grown. The bush is strong and heavy pruning is recommended to retain the berry size. Duke blooms late but ripens early protecting blossoms from late frost. Duke is harvested in two main picks and this concentrated ripening makes it an excellent variety for machine harvesting. The fruit is very firm and has excellent shelf life which makes it very suitable for long distance shipping for fresh market. It is equally suitable for IQF and straight pack processing markets.

REKA :Early season, July 5 Aug 1

Fruit: Dark blue, medium sized, firm with a small scar.

Bush: Upright, very vigorous, extremely productive.

Hardiness Zone: 5-7

Reka grows well in a wide range of soils sandy soils, peat, heavier clay loams and is more tolerant of wetter ground. It is extremely productive and can out-produce many other varieties. It is well-liked for its superior machine harvesting characteristics and productivity and is used for both fresh and processed berries.

SPARTAN :Early season; July 3 July 27

Fruit: Very large, light blue, firm, outstanding flavor, medium scar. Excellent fresh quality.

Bush: Vigorous, upright, open and productive, 5-6 ft.

Hardiness Zone: 5-7 (North 5B, South 7A)

Spartan is admired as it is one of the largest (often covering a quarter), most attractive berries with excellent quality fruit and outstanding flavor. Spartan blooms late but ripens early and thus avoiding frost injury. Concentrated ripening to two main pickings makes it a good variety for machine harvesting. The open, upright bush makes it easy to pick. Light, well-drained soil is best for this variety. Spartan is recommended where superb quality fresh fruit is desired. It's large glossy green leaves turn orange and yellow in the fall.

PATRIOT :Early season; July 7 July 28

Fruit: Very large, medium blue, slightly flat, excellent flavor, small dry scar.

Bush: Vigorous, low growing, slightly spreading to about 4 ft., open, very productive.

Hardiness Zone: 3-7 (North 3B, South 7A)

Patriot is a very cold hardy variety. The bush is vigorous and will tolerate heavy or wet soils. The plants are low to moderately erect and slightly spreading with the berries hanging in bunches on the outer edges. Branches are flexible and bend under heavy snow load. Plants are easy to establish and tolerant of heavy or wet soils. Berries show a “red back” when immature, and fruit can be soft in very hot weather. This variety is good for U-pick or local fresh market. An excellent landscape variety with showy white blooms in the spring and fiery orange fall color.

POLARIS :Early season; July 8 - August 4

Fruit: Very firm, light blue, moderate size, strong aromatics, small scar.

Bush: Upright and spreading to 4 ft high and wide.

Hardiness Zone: 3-7 (North 3B, South 7A)

Polaris is a cold-hardy variety that will tolerate the colder zones as well as its companion Northblue. The berries have an exceptional flavor. It is not self-pollinizing, so it should be planted with other blueberry varieties.


Early season; July 10 - August 10

Fruit: Medium sized with appealing sweet flavor, good quality, little-to-no picking scar.

Bush: Vigorous, adaptable to less than optimum soil types, 2 ft high and 3 ½ ft diameter.

Hardiness Zone: 3-7 (North 3A, South 7A)

Produces approximately 10 days before Bluecrop. Bushes are less than 3 feet high and very productive. The berries are very light blue with a sweet, mild "wild" flavor. North Country's bush habit, foliage, and bloom make this an attractive ornamental.

NORTHLAND: Early midseason; July 10 to July 30

Fruit: Medium size, med. blue, med. picking scar, sweet, extremely productive.

Bush: Vigorous, spreading, medium high, 34 ft.

Hardiness Zone: 3-7 (North 3B, South 7A)

Northland is a cold hardy variety and is extremely productive. Fruit ripening is concentrated. It requires annual heavy pruning to machine harvest. Northland is best suited for processing and local farm sales. Has limber branches which do not break under heavy snow. Yields are consistent averaging 15-20 lbs. per bush.

CHIPPEWA :Early midseason; July 11 - August 10

Fruit: Medium large, light blue, firm, very sweet with little acid, small picking scar.

Bush: Highbush/lowbush type cultivar, compact, upright, 3-4 ft.

Hardiness Zone: 3-7 (North 3A, South 7B)

Chippewa is a super cold hardy variety. Flavor of the fruit is very sweet with little acid. The quality of the fruit is excellent. Small picking scar and firmness make the berries good for shipping fresh. Ornamental use is good if the choice in the landscape requires a four foot upright bush. The cultivar is self-fruitful, so one accent plant in a landscape will have full yields. Hardiness is one of the main attributes for Chippewa. It will survive and produce fruit in colder regions where temperatures can reach minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

BLUEJAY :Early midseason; July 10 - July 30

Fruit: Light blue, small dry scar, firm, crunchy, mild flavor, extremely vigorous, productive.

Bush: Strong, upright and slightly spreading, 5-7 ft.

Hardiness Zone: 4-7 (North 4A, South 7B)

Bluejay is one of the fastest growers and most suitable for mechanical harvesting. The fruit is at the periphery of the plant and is very firm, resists cracking, does not drop quickly hanging for long periods of time and once ripe retains it's quality making it good for shipping. The bush grows rapidly and is easy to establish. It is partially resistant to both phases of mummy berry. The production is excellent if protected from frost during bloom. This variety does not produce well in south-coastal British Columbia.

BLUERAY :Midseason; July 13 - August 22

Fruit: Large, firm, dark blue, medium scar, excellent flavor.

Bush: Upright, vigorous and productive, ht. 4-6 ft.

Hardiness Zone: 4-7 (North 4A, South 7A)

This variety is particularly suited for U-Pick and direct market farms due to its large size and superior taste. Excellent quality berries with sweet, slightly tart, aromatic flavor. Yield is consistent, ranging from 10-20 pounds per plant at maturity depending upon cultural care. Does best in intensive planting with severe pruning. Ornamental value for the bush is excellent. Dark green color in the summer and burgundy red in the fall.

CHANDLER :Midseason; July 13 - August 22 (Available 2010)

Fruit: Very large, medium firm, medium color, excellent flavor, long ripening season.

Bush: Moderate, vigorous and slightly spreading, 5-6 ft.

Hardiness Zone: 4-7 (North 4A, South 7A)

Bigger is better when it comes to Chandler. It is clearly the world's largest blueberry with surprisingly delicious flavor. It is perfect for U-pick and direct market sales where extraordinary large fruit with exceptional flavor is needed. Yields have been good to excellent. The bush is moderately vigorous with large, dark green foliage and a slightly spreading habit to 5-6 feet.

Angustifolium (Low Bush)

Fruit: Small, powder blue to black in color, sweet and typical wild blueberry flavor.

Bush: Spreading, 6"-18" high

Hardiness Zone: 2 - 7

Native. Very hardy ground cover good for poor, sandy, soil conditions, but this plant grows best in wooded or open areas with well-drained acidic soils. White spring flowers are followed by sweet, sky blue flavorful fruits ripening in mid-summer. It has wonderful bright red fall foliage. It thrives in sun to part shade. The leaves are glossy blue-green in summer, turning red in the fall. The fruit is a small sweet dark blue to black in color berry.

TORO :Midseason; July 10 - August 10

Fruit: Large, firm, very good color (sky blue) and flavor, produced on large clusters.

Bush: Strong, stocky and spreading with moderate growth, 5-6 ft.

Hardiness Zone: 4-7 (North 4B, South 7A)

Toro is getting popular for its outstanding quality fruit with excellent color and flavor. Fruit is very good quality for fresh market. Berries are borne on large clusters that hang like grapes from the spreading stocky bush and are easy to pick. Toro is not very suitable for machine harvesting for the first picking. While a moderate grower, Toro is an outstanding ornamental blueberry. The flowers turn from hot pink to bright white. The deep green summer foliage turns to the brightest of reds in fall.

1613A (HARDYBLUE) : Midseason; July 10 - August 10

Fruit: Medium size, light blue, medium firm, very sweet, very productive.

Bush: Upright, vigorous, open bush with strong canes, quick to establish.

Hardiness Zone: 4-7 (North 4B, South 7A)

1613-A is one of the heaviest producing varieties. It is a consistent, heavy producer of excellent quality medium sized, light blue and very sweet fruit which is very desirable for the processing market and it machine harvests very well. Can be harvested in two pickings. Not suitable for fresh market and long-distance shipping. Seems more adaptable to heavier soils.

BLUEGOLD :Midseason; July 12 - August 10

Fruit: Medium to large size, very firm, extremely productive; light blue, small scar.

Bush: Vigorous, compact, 4-5 ft.

Hardiness Zone: 4-7 (North 4A, South 7A)

The growers who have tried this variety are very pleased with the results and are asking for more. Fruit quality is very good, with excellent color, flavor and firmness with even sized fruit. Shelf-life has been very good. Bluegold is an excellent choice where extremely productive variety for fresh market fruit is desired. Fruit ripens concentrated in two main pickings. Hand harvesting is very easy but mechanical harvesting characteristics look very promising as well.

BLUECROP: Midseason; July 15 - August 15

Fruit: Light blue, very large, small scar, very firm, excellent flavor.

Bush: Vigorous, upright and very productive, 4-6 ft.

Hardiness Zone: 4-7 (North 4A, South 7A)

Bluecrop is a very popular and most widely grown and reliable variety in the world. Excellent fruit quality for both fresh and process markets. Berries are resistant to cracking and dropping. The variety is easy to establish and has very few problems. Fruit can be tart or show "red back" (only half of fruit blue) if picked too early. It tends to grow well in most areas. Plants tend to overproduce unless carefully pruned each year. It needs to be trellised for machine harvesting.

NORTH SKY:Mid-late season; July 25 - August 25

Fruit: Medium, light blue with good flavor.

Bush: Short-statured (10 to 18 inches), dense, moderately productive.

Hardiness Zone: 3-7

Fruit stores well and has more of a "wild" blueberry flavor. Bush is attractive, compact, and highly branched, with dark green leaves in the summer and bright red in the fall. Northsky is the most cold-hardy of all blueberries, surviving winter temperatures of 45°F. Even in warmer areas, Northsky has been quite popular as a wonderful addition to the landscape. The bush grows to a low compact mound about 12-18 inches tall and 2-3 feet wide.

NELSON : Late midseason; July 21 - August 20.

Fruit: Very large, light blue, firm and flavorful, with small dry scar.

Bush: Vigorous, upright, productive and cold hardy.

Hardiness Zone: 4-7

Nelson is a choice for the growers who need excellent quality fruit with exceptional flavor. The fruit is very large, similar to Spartan, firm, with light blue color and excellent flavor. It is an ideal variety for late season fresh market and is equally good for frozen market. It was selected from crosses of Bluecrop and Berkeley and yields are consistent and quite high.

BRIGITTA: Late midseason; July 25 - August 20.

Fruit: Large size, light blue, small dry scar, very firm, good flavor, loose cluster.

Bush: The bush is very vigorous, slightly spreading and productive.

Hardiness Zone: 5

This easy to grow hybrid yields one of the highest quality berries available. The flavor strikes a perfect balance-sweet yet slightly tart. Brigitta is an Australian variety and has been grown for a number of years in other parts of the world. It has a reputation for exceptional quality fruit with extended shelf life. Brigitta is an excellent choice to fill the gap between Bluecrop and Elliott. Fruit ripens evenly and is of very high quality. The slightly spreading bush is a fast grower with deep green foliage, bronze-tinted new growth and exceptional shelf life.

LEGACY :Late midseason; July 22 - August 22.

Fruit: Medium-large, light blue, with robust flavor.

Bush: Vigorous, upright to 6 ft., and slightly spreading.

Hardiness Zone: 5-8

This interesting variety keeps its leaves through the winter, offering a very different look in landscaping. Foliage will turn bright orange in colder climates. It has been referred to as the “Golden Bush” due to its heavy production and is adaptable to numerous climates. Rated as one of the best flavored varieties in USDA trials.

ELLIOTT :Very late season; August 15 - September 20.

Fruit: Medium sized, powder blue, very firm, small scar; flavor mild-to-good, slightly tart.

Bush: Upright, vigorous, and very productive.

Hardiness Zone: 4-7

Elliott is considered the latest of all other varieties. It is an excellent choice for the growers who want to grow blueberries to fill the late-season fresh market niche when all other varieties are finished. Elliott is a very strong grower and a heavy producer of very firm, fresh market fruit that can generate the largest dollar-per-acre return of any variety. It can be machine harvested quite well in warmer areas. Elliot is very resistant to both phases of mummy berry. It tends to over produce; so adequate pruning is required every year to retain the fruit size and plant growth. Elliott is very suitable for CA storage.

Northblue: (Half - high) July 15- September 5

Fruit: Large, Dark blue, and good quality

Bush: Short-statured, 2 - 3 feet tall

Hardiness Zone: 3-7

Northblue is a highbush / lowbush type cultivar. If you are looking for a smaller bush with bigger berries, Northblue is the blueberry for you. It is slightly larger than Tophat and Northsky, growing to 2-3 feet tall, it will produce 3-7 lbs. of sweet, juicy fruit per year on mature bush. The fruit has a delicious wild flavor, but is larger in size than most dwarf blueberries. It is good for fresh, U-Pick and process market. It is a tough and cold hardy variety which can tolerate temperatures up to -35°F.

Jersey: July 30 - September 5 (Mid to late season)

Fruit: Rich blue color, medium size and very sweet.

Bush: Very vigorous, upright and spreading, 6-8'high

Hardiness Zone: 4-8

Jersey produces rich blue fruit which is medium-size and very sweeta favorite for baked goods. The quality of the berry is good but has small picking scar, therefore, marketing of fruit is mainly for the process market. Jersey is a heavy, reliable producer that tolerates a wide range of soil types and displays orange flame fall foliage. It is also one of the most widely grown varieties.