ONEAL :Very early season

Fruit: Medium sized, medium blue fruit, firm, very sweet of terrific quality

Bush: Vigorous, erect, slightly spreading; ht up to 6 ft.

Hardiness Zone : 7-9

A very sweet and firm berry developed at North Carolina State with the USDA. One of the leading fresh Southern Highbush Varieties in California and throughout the world. Best flavor of the southern highbush varieties with reliable quality throughout the harvest. Blooms and ripens over an extended period of time. Requires 400 chill hours. Adapted for pick-your-own or hand harvest for commercial shipment.

MISTY :Midseason

Fruit: Medium to large sized, excellent firm quality fruit, mild sweet flavor.

Bush: Vigorous, slightly spreading, ht to 6 ft.

Hardiness Zone : 7-9

Misty is a very fast growing variety with consistent quality and very high yields. It is a vigorous grower with a long harvest season. Good for hand or mechanical harvest. Self-pollinating but yields best when planted with other varieties. Misty tends to over fruit and must be pruned to balance the fruit load. Recommended for commercial production and as chilling needs are very low (150 hours) don't hesitate to offer it in any areas with mild winters and hot summers from the west coast to the Canadian border. Hardiness to 0 degrees F.

BILOXI :Midseason

Fruit: Medium size, excellent firm quality fruit, light blue color and excellent strong flavor.

Bush: Upright, vigorous, productive.

Hardiness Zone : 8

A 1998 USDA release from Mississippi. A vigorous growing bush that produces an excellent strong flavored berry. Requires 400 chill hours and is able to adapt to variable climates. It is a solid producer.

REVEILLE :Midseason

Fruit: Medium size, light blue, firm, crisp, flavor.

Bush: Vigorous, upright bush 5-6 ft. tall.

North Carolina release in 1987. Requires 500 to 600 chill hours. Good storage capability and good for machine harvesting as fruit is easily detached. Grows rapidly and produces high yields from young bushes and continues to remain very productive. Early blooming can make late frost a danger. Striking hot pink blossoms cover bush in spring.

SHARPBLUE : Midseason

Fruit: Medium/large size; excellent flavor, good firmness medium scar.

Bush: Vigorous grower, slightly spreading; ht 5-6 ft.

Sharpblue is the leading and most adaptable variety in low chill areas throughout the world growing in conditions from heavy to sandy soils. It has the lowest chilling requirement of any variety and can grow with practically no chilling where the bush will be practically evergreen. Its chilling requirement is listed at about 150 hours. It is highly planted for its vigorousness, earliness, large fruit and excellent flavor. Recommended in milder areas where hard frosts are uncommon. Self-pollinating.

GULF COAST: Late season

Fruit: Medium-large fruit, small scar, good flavor, firm fruit with good color.

Bush: Vigorous, upright.

A 1987 USDA release from Mississippi. Very low chilling requirements. Concentrated ripening about 7 - 10 days after Sharpblue. Has good plant vigor and is said to be a self-pollinating variety. The bush is upright with moderate toughness.