JRT Plant Propagation Through Tissue Culture

JRT Nurseries has the unique capacity to prop agate ornamentals and blueberry varities through in vitro technique (tissue culture) at our state-of-the-art tissue culture laboratory . With the world class facilities in the laboratory and our innovative technologies make us one of the highly efficient tissue culture laboratory in North America for mass propagation of disease free high quality plants. The tissue culture techniques we use are micropropagation, anther culture, cell and protoplast culture etc. in both solid and liquid culture systems (bioreactor). The company takes part in the new biotechnological revolution using new tissue culture technologies, which are capable to increase our plant production and quality significantly .

From the in vitro condition, plants are transferred under controlled environment system with artificial lights for rooting and further establishment to a transplantable size. We have the advanced technology to transfer and adaptation of tissue cultured plants in the outer environment with insect and disease free conditions. You have the choice. You can get from us either TISSUE CULTURED BLUEBERRY PLANTS or HARDWOOD CUTTING BLUEBERRY PLANTS.